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Making payments in Turkey as a tourist

Payments in Turkey are not as straightforward as one might think.

  • International cards such as Visa and Mastercard charge a 2-3% transaction fee for payments made in non-native currencies. Adding in the unfavorable exchange rates used by these cards, the effective fee for the customer can easily reach 6 to 7% and occasionally up to 10%. 
  • These cards are not widely accepted in Turkey due to the high transaction costs to the merchants.
  • Exchange houses in tourist hubs usually don't offer good exchange rates.
  • Carrying cash is not safe, especially in tourist hubs and while using public transportation.
  • Tourists are usually not comfortable using their main cards while traveling due to the high risk of fraud.

Helping tourists make the most out of their trip

LobalCard provides pre-paid cards based on the Troy payment system through a partnership with Tourex and TouristPay:

  • Troy cards are widely accepted throughout Turkey. They are accepted everywhere international cards are accepted, but some merchants don't accept Visa/Master but do accept Troy.
  • We also provide the most favorable exchange rates in the market.
  • Our mobile app allows LobalCard users to see the current balance of the card and the transaction history.
  • We make the whole process quite easy for the customer: They order online (or in-person, through an affiliate), and we deliver the card to them at any location/time they want when they arrive in Istanbul.

Earn a commission while helping your audience

You can earn a generous commission by introducing LobalCard to your audience, while at the same time helping them have a better experience in their visit to Turkey.

  • We charge a fixed issuance fee of 30 Euros for a LobalCard.
  • We also offer optional SIM cards (35 Euros) and City Travel Cards (5 Euros) in our package.
  • You can earn a minimum of 20% commission per purchase (ranging from 6 Euros for a LobalCard only to 14 Euros for the full package at a minimum).
  • Earned commissions are paid out on the 30th of every month.

Our affiliate program

We keep it simple. We charge a fixed issuance fee for a LobalCard and we offer our affiliates minimum of 20% of per card sold through them. We use world class tracking and affiliate management software to provide maximum transparency. You’ll have your own dedicated link and you can see how many cards are sold, how much you’ve earned and your payments in your dashboard.

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